Songwriter / Collaborator for $150

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Songwriter / Collaborator for $150

Let me help make your vision a reality. I would love to work with you to craft the creation or recreation of a feeling, a moment or a story you have. Let's make something you will love to perform and connect with an audience. Let's make magic!

I'm a songwriter / performer for close to 20 years in multiple genres. From pop to rock to hip hop to adult contemporary, I've written and performed with many national acts and have been part of a writing team to make a Grammy Ballot!

I will help you write and compose a song. Write or help write the lyrics. You will get a recorded guide vocal track, a roughly mixed instrumental track, and raw .wav files that you can take to an engineer/producer to get mixed. Instruments at our disposal are guitar (electric and acoustic), bass guitar, programmed drums (various sounds for both live and electronic sounds) and piano. There is also ability for some synth sounds and sound effects. Other instruments possible for additional cost of hiring outside help.

Music is my life, I love it and want to help talent who loves it as well. Let's get to work!

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