Guitar Tracks for your song for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Chris Decato

Guitar Tracks for your song for $100

Over 40 years playing many styles, from Folk to Funk, Classical to Blues. I am quite good at creating multiple parts that fit together, and am equally at home playing a delicate Hi String part, or a screaming Wah Wah Solo. I specialize in solid, not flashy Parts and Solos. Excellent Finger Picker, or Flat Picked, Strummed or Syncopated Parts. I have an assortment of tools also, including 1960s Nippon Ghaki Yamaha Nylon String, A lovely 1970s Yamaha D-25A Steel String. A Harmony Sovereign in Nashville Tuning. A 80s Fender Strat, and 70s "Electra" for Electrics. Last but definitely not least! I have a 1940s Dickerson Lap Steel that I often use with a Volume Pedal and a EH Memory Man for lovely swells and slides... For amps I have an 1960 Ampeg Jett, as well as a 1965 Univox... both low watt tube amps that can be smooth and clean, bright and jangly, Buttery and Bluesy, or burn your face off Distortion! I record them all with an assortment of AT and Sure Mics through a Presonus Digimax to ProTools.

WTF What

An experiment with harmonizing electrics
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