Melodic Guitar Leads for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Pat Reilly

Melodic Guitar Leads for $100

There are an oceans worth of guitar players in this world, that is no secret. I bring something different to the table; extreme soul and emotion, from your music to my heart and out into my guitar.

What you get:
One guitar solo up to 30 seconds long or multiple solos that add up to 30 seconds. Ask about longer solos.
Completed solos will be edited and exported as 24 bit 44khz wav stems.

What I use:
EVH 5150 Stealth 50
Bogner Atma
Fractal Axe FX 3

Guitars: With the guitars, I have in my arsenal, the tone possibilities are endless. Personally, I love recording with any of my Prestige line Ibanez guitars, but if you are looking for that standard Stratocaster tone, I have you covered with my American Ultra Lux HSS strat.

Revisions: I will offer 1 revision on the project.

Solo Samples 2

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  • Session solos for 2020

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