Rock & Metal Guitars for $199

In Guitar By Jack Solle

Rock & Metal Guitars for $199

I will record up to 10 layers of rhythm or lead guitar tracks for you.
And this is what you'll also get for your money:

*First of all you get my 100 % commitment to make your project the best it can be. Since this service is not by a hourly rate I will not stop until you get what you want. That also includes a fast turnaround and quick responses to messages.

*The other thing you can enjoy is the fact that you're working with somebody who understands arranging, harmonies, orchestration and songwriting so you can be sure that I'll point out things that can take your song to the whole new level if I find something that can be improved.

*This service is all about guitars but you should know that I can also play piano, bass & keys quite efficiently and I'm always happy to lay down any additional instruments you might need as well as use my wast array of editing tools to fix a poorly sounding instrument in the song.

*I know that every song requires a fresh approach that's why I like to make custom guitar tones for every song. If you already have a guitar tone in mind you wanna use in this song please tell me about it and send me a reference track or two so I can replicate it.
In the case you end up not liking the tone this service includes free guitar re-amping too!

*By ordering this service you're also getting an access to my personal network of other talented musicians that will willingly help you in areas I can't.

*I believe in artists that vigorously follow their vision whatever it might be so don't be scared to ask me to play things that might seem ''too hard'' or ''too fast''. I proud myself in being able to play things others can't so whether it's an ambient guitar ballad or 250 BPM Death Metal Guitar Madness I got your back :)

*How else can I make your life easier? Well, upon request I will provide you with different kinds of legal agreements so you're 100% sure your art is protected. Types of agreements I have readily available at the moment:
Work-for-hire, Collaboration, Production, Songwriting

And last but not least THIS is what you can expect to get after I hit that ''Deliver Project'' button:
a) Raw & Processed files of all the tracks (WAV or mp3, 44.1kHz/24-bit)
b) DI tracks of all the guitars
c) Mixed guitar bus track
d) Everything properly named with BPM and a key indication

I'm looking forward to work with you.
Keep rockin'

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Against The Odds

Example of my own song
  • Against The Odds
  • Epic Metal Song 1
  • Heavy Metal Breakdown
  • Chorus-Verse Section Example
  • Intro-Verse Section Example

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