Guitar Parts For Your Song for $185

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Guitar Parts For Your Song for $185

I'm a former Nashville session player with over 30 years experience playing on hundreds of recordings in studios located in a half dozen states. Along with extensive experience from the days of analog recording, I've been recording parts for people over the internet now for over 10 years and have cut tracks for folks as far away as Russia. Guitar parts are recorded at my pro studio The Song Mill and feature a truly state-of-the-art signal chain beginning with custom designed, boutique electric guitars designed to my specifications and/or high end Taylor acoustic guitars (various steel, nylon and 12 string models available.) Next we have a set of boutique amplifiers and 6 different speaker cabinet combinations loaded with various models and brands of speakers. If I still need more sounds, I also have a Kemper Profiling amplifier with the 600 watt power output option so I can run it through a speaker cab if necessary. For micing we have about a dozen different mics to use depending on the amp combinations from basic dynamics and condensors to ribbon mics to high end large diaphragm tube mics including a Lauten Oceanus and an AKG C12. From there the signal is patched into one of our mic pres and compressors including units by GML, Manley, Shadow Hills, API and Avalon. All this is recorded into a Pro Tools HD system with an Apogee AD-16X converter. I've also got several pedal boards worth of great sounding pedals including a number of Keeley units, Plush (Fuchs) pedals and an original TS-808 Tube Screamer. I have endorsements with Fuchs amps, Taylor Guitars, Celestion Speakers, Furman, Keeley, Lava Cable, L.R. Baggs and the Feiten Tuning System which I have installed on several of my electric guitars for perfect intonation. I have experience in over 70 different genres of music and my parts are recorded with great time accuracy. Mentioned above, I offer 3 full revisions (though I usually send multiple takes to begin with.) If the part just needs slight changes I will also do 3 more fixes for free. Highly experienced as a producer/engineer and session player on multiple instruments. I have major label credentials and I offer some of highest quality tracks you will find combined with great customer service. Our studio is always booked but we will work with you to meet any pressing deadlines that you have. We can record at any Sample Rate.

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Various style, also playing many of the other instruments on these recordings.
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