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Do you need professional quality, perfectly tracked metal or djent guitar for your session?

With 20 years of experience, a university degree in music, and 10+ years playing in bands, I know how to record guitar perfectly. To hear the quality of my guitar tracks and original music, click the link above and listen to my original music and covers.

My guitars:
Ibanez RGA7 (EMGHZ pickups upgraded)
Ibanez ARZ 400 (EMG pickups)
PRS Standard 24-08 w/ EVERTUNE bridge
Balaguer Custom Thicket w/EVERTUNE bridge

Fortin Nameless Suite
Archetype: Gojira
Archetype: Plini
Archetype: Cory Wong
Tone King Imperial MKII
STL Tonehub (200+ tones)
Mercurial SS11-X

Additionally, I own multiple plugins for special effects like delay, reverb, chorus, doubling, stereo imaging, and tremolo. In total my gear and studio totals up to well over $10,000.

Putting all that aside, the most important thing is finding a talented MUSICIAN. Luckily, I can personally GUARANTEE guitar tracks that are perfectly in tune and in time.

Let's add some amazing guitar tracks to your song- message me now!

  • Metal
  • Hard Rock
  • Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Punk
  • Pop-Rock

Iconic Djent Riffs

Compilation of djent riffs.
  • Iconic Djent Riffs
  • Happy Djent
  • Night
  • Drop F Riffs

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