Pro Electric or Acoustic guitar - full song for $49

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Engel Solomon

Pro Electric or Acoustic guitar - full song for $49

Everyone knows how to play guitar these days, so why would you want to hire me? I can do several things to your song. A tasty solo may boost any track. Fresh sound textures may add sonic layers and liven up a song. Even a chord progression might be improved and played with style. All this will be played with the best sounding guitars through handmade tube amps.

I've been playing guitar and bass for 30+ years. While most of the stuff I've done gravitates towards rock'n'roll , I also did world, experimental and electronic projects.
I can shred, but mostly enjoy playing tasty rhythm parts. For solo, I prefer George Harrison or David Gilmour approach - more melody, less scales.

My electrics are all Gibsons - 1983 Challenger, 1998 SG-X and 1999 Les Paul Special with Bigsby. My acoustic guitar is 2007 Taylor 110. Too many pedals to list, and I build my amps myself. I have a selection of nice low wattage tube amplifiers that I record with AKG D112 or Shure SM57 mics. For acoustic guitar I prefer RODE NT1A condenser.

My main gig is a band called SHOOM, check our latest release here -
I play all the guitars and basses on our records.

$$$ issues:
1. The price is for an average song up to 5-6 minutes. If it's very long or very complicated or in general unusually hard to track for whatever reason I will charge accordingly.
2. I do not limit my job to one guitar track, If there are rhythm and solo parts it is still one song and I will not charge twice.

What I don't want to do:
Sometimes I receive midi files or charts that must be played exactly as they are. This usually comes from musicians with classical training (keyboardists). These guys just want the parts played on an instrument they don't have. While this is 100% legitimate I'm not interested in such jobs. It takes too much time to learn and execute and it doesn't allow me to improve the track with my skills. You will not be pleasantly surprised and I will not enjoy it. Leave space for interpretation to gain better results.

  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • R&B
  • World
  • Ambient

SHOOM - Tamzara

I play acoustic guitars and bass on this tune. For more info on SHOOM visit
  • SHOOM - Tamzara
  • Ryan Christman - Silhouette
  • Magdala
  • You never loved me feat. Johnny Grey
  • Mario Costa - Willowbank

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