Pro, High Quality Electric / Acoustic Guitar Tracks on you song for $35

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Josh Mark Raj

Pro, High Quality Electric / Acoustic Guitar Tracks on you song for $35

Are you looking for professional, high quality guitar work on your song?
Do you want a session guitarist who's experienced and has a tasteful ear for tone and playing?
Does your song seem almost complete but you're not happy with your existing guitar tracks and would like them replaced?

Get all this and much more done by me - a session guitar player who's been playing studio and live gigs for over 20 years with a some of the biggest names in the industry!

I'm a rock guitar player at heart and my influences are mainly from the 80ts hard rock era but I'm happy to take on just about any genre of music - rock, metal, funk, blues, RnB etc. Feel free to check out my YouTube cover videos and sound samples to get an understand of the quality and sound I'm able to deliver.

Here's what you can expect from me.
1) Rhythm guitars - double tracked left and right
2) Slamming power chord or riffs
3) Clean guitar - Funky wah stuff to lush arpeggios.
4) Lead guitar - Soulful to shred, ripping guitar solos, lead fills.
5) Acoustic guitar - double tracked rhythm or arpeggios if required.

All these and many more elements will be tastefully added to your song!

I use a range of guitars and gear to deliver the best that I can. Some of them are listed here.
1) GnL Asat Delux - My 'go-to' electric guitar
2) Custom electric guitars - used if required.
3) Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

Gear, Amp/Cab Modellers
1) Line 6 POD X3 Live - For amp/cab
2) Neural DSP, STL Tones plugin VSTs for amp/cab FXs
3) Logic X DAW
4) Focusrite Audio Interface

So feel free to browse through my profile pics, check out some of my audio samples and hit me up when you're ready for some killer guitar tracks!

I look forward to hearing from you!

***Please Note***
1) Before you place your order on Airgigs please check if I'm available and if I'll be able to deliver your project on or before the deadline you have in mind.
2) Send me a sample of the music you'd like me to play on so I can have a listen and tell you if I'm the right guitar player for your track! :)

  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Funk
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Pop


An original guitar instrumental track that I composed. All guitars played by me (except feat. guitar solo)
  • Flip!
  • Prelude In C Major by J.S. Bach

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