RADIO PROVEN Guitar Tracks for $75

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RADIO PROVEN Guitar Tracks for $75

Hi, my name is Johnny Cochran and I pride myself in having a genuinely modern sound and the creative chops to bring your tracks to the next level, while bringing something that sounds fresh and not just like every other track out there. I would love to record rhythm and/or lead Electric Guitars on anything you have. I play a multitude of genres including but not limited to: Pop, Rock, Metal, Country, CCM (Contemporary Christian), Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, and more.

I am an artist and producer out of Nashville, Tennessee where I produce many projects including my own and have toured relentlessly since coming to town 4 years ago. I can track electric guitars through a live amp, or a DI rig, dependent on what your track calls for. I'd get into all the gear specs, but I'm the type who thinks that all that matters is the final track sounding great, regardless of the tools being used to get there. If it sounds good, it IS good, And if you don't like my tracks, I'll send your money back!
So feel free to use your ears and check out some of the tracks I've worked on. All tracks shown here are tracks I fully produced myself, as well as played/programmed every instrument on, so if you are looking for full production, or even other instrumentation including bass, drums, background vocals, and more, please check out my other listings here.

This year I've had some of my first big Nashville things happen between having a song I wrote and demo'd produced by Country Superstar-Lee Brice, as well as having a tune I produced go viral on TikTok. Also this year, I got the opportunity to play lead guitar and MD for Matt Stell, Tyler Farr, and Kameron Marlowe. And as an artist, I've shared the stage with other artists including: Blake Shelton, Brett Young, Walker Hayes, Elvie Shane, Wayne Toups, Drowning Pool, and many more.

The base service listed here is for 2 rhythm guitar tracks (generally to be panned left and right respectively), and 1 solo section/lead.
Most projects will need something quite similar, so for the sake of ease I just price all purchases this way, but if you are needing more, I am more than happy to discuss your needs as well as negotiate price on whatever you need done.

I look forward to working on your project!

  • Pop-Rock
  • Pop
  • Metal
  • CCM
  • Country
  • Singer-Songwriter

Title - Lexie Rose

Here's a country pop tune that I produced and co-wrote which went viral on TikTok! All tracks are performed by myself with the exception of the lead vocal and steel guitar. Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys, and BGV's are performed by myself.
  • Title - Lexie Rose
  • Cuttin' Up - Johnny Cochran
  • Cardboard - f1oater.
  • Highway Mercy - Clay Cormier
  • Life Worth Living - Clay Cormier

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