RADIO READY Full Song Production for $700

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RADIO READY Full Song Production for $700

Let me take your music to the next level. Do you want HUGE DRUMS and SOARING VOCALS? Want to keep your artistic integrity but also polish your music to sound more marketplace and radio ready? I'm your guy. Whether you are a full band or solo artist who doesn't play an instrument, I can take your song from voice memo to radio ready to go. Some of my more recent accomplishments are producing my first "TikTok Viral" song, "Title by Lexie Rose", as well as writing and producing the demo for one this year which went on to be produced by Country Superstar Lee Brice, a song called "Bad Boy" by my co-writer Grace Tyler.

I can get your song turned around in one week fully mixed and mastered.
I specialize in pop, country, and rock, but can do other genres as well.
I'm open to most tunes and would love to take a wack at whatever you need done to take your music to the next level!

  • Christian
  • Country
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Metal
  • Rock

Title - Lexie Rose

  • Title - Lexie Rose
  • Cardboard - f1oater.
  • Cuttin' Up - Johnny Cochran
  • Kiss Too Good - Johnny Cochran

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