Tasty Pro Country/Pop/Folk Acoustic Guitar for $75

In Guitar By Rory Sullivan

Tasty Pro Country/Pop/Folk Acoustic Guitar for $75

Hi there, I'm Rory. I'm a professional singer/songwriter/guitarist in Los Angeles. While accompanying myself on my own songs, I'm also a professional session guitar for studio demos, pop, country, and folk artists.

I use a Martin 000-16 and HD 35 mainly, but can also through in an electric track with my Fender Tele is you'd like.

I'm happy to provide chord tracks for your song that you'd like to pitch or more specific parts for the song you're building up.

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to creating/tracking music and promise we'll get you the best possible product you're looking for.

This service includes one track for main chords and 1-3 other tracks for specific parts. Anything over 3 I can send you a custom order.


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