Solid Acoustic or Electric Rhythm Guitar for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Caleb Orion

Solid Acoustic or Electric Rhythm Guitar for $75

I have a small project studio in Maine. I record all of my tracks through an Alesis Studio-32 tuned specifically for my instrumentation. I variate between a Shure SM57, Electro-Voice Co11, Audio Technica AT2020, or Blue Yeti Pro for guitar recording depending on the textures needed and the style of performance. For electric guitar work, I use a Fender Telecaster through an Orange Crush 20RT amplifier.

I am capable of playing any chord your song requires, and can play numerous simple and complex rhythm structures and time signatures. I have been playing guitar for decades, and can adapt to any style or genre necessary.

The final revision track will be a 24-bit, 44100hz PCM wav file. I offer two revisions of the track, with any variances in rhythm structures you would like. I am capable of making minute edits to the takes for timing issues or clarity.

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