Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

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Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

Hi, My name is Gary Carter and I am a Nashville studio musician and producer.
I have also toured with several Nashville artists, Music director for Faith Hill, Randy Travis, Pam Tillis, and featured instrumentalist on the Marty Stuart TV show on RFD network. I have also played on the Grand Ole Opry for the last 18 years.
My choice of DAW is ProTools on a Mac computer.
I record through a Telonics, Fender Deluxe, or Pevey 112 amp depending on the style and tone needed.
I mic the amp with a Sennheiser MD 421, then into a Universal Audio LA-610 mic preamp.
I normally send out one mono .wav file per song.
I'll be happy to send one or two revisions if needed.
My steel tracks are cut flat unless I'm doing a modern steel part that requires effects as it's being recorded.
You can watch several of my instrumental videos on YouTube .

Thank you.

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