Electric and Acoustic Guitar Recordings for $100

In Guitar By Prawit Siriwat

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Recordings for $100

I've been recording and writing guitar parts for songwriters for over 12 years. Artists I've worked with include Del Water Gap, RVBY MY DEAR, Ruby Greenberg, Bianca Muniz, Jo-B Sebastian and many others in the New York creative music scene. My goal is to realize the songwriter's sonic world whether it's through raw acoustic recordings or complex stomp-box explorations.

Waterloo WL-12 Acoustic
Gibson ES-125 Archtop Electric Guitar
Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 LTD Edition Semi Hallow Electric Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Classic
Carvin 7 String Guitar
Sterling String Ray Bass

(2) Warm Audio WA-84
(1) Shure SM57

Princeton Reverb reissue modded with a 12 inch speaker
Harry Kolbe Custom Gibson GA-50 with Harry Kolbe 1x12 Cabinet
Various amp ir capture and modeling software

  • Ambient
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Folk

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