Acoustic/electric guitar/bass recording & arranging. Neumann mics and Audient preamps. for $80

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Acoustic/electric guitar/bass recording & arranging. Neumann mics and Audient preamps. for $80

Hi there, I will do my best to achieve your expected sound. I am a Top Rated Studio Pro in Airgigs with more than 120 five star rating and a 2 millons views in my Youtube channel. I have amazing guitars and gear to get a real professional sound. Please check my video to check my ways to record. My experience in self recording began back in the early 90`s using 4 track tape recorders.
I am a classical music trained guitar player, also I am a member (as a violist) of a professional symphonic orchestra in my city opera house but my speciality is popular music, I can write my own arrangements for your song if there is no score already written or just hear the audio you sent me to play it the exact way you desire or do my point of view of the song, since each song has its own approach.
I like taking my time to send demos of your song to you before starting the real takes to have a better understanding of what are your ideas and to do a conscious work. This of course takes time, but guarantees thats the result are the expected ones. A faster deliver can be requested for too.
We can add steel strings sounds of a Martin D-28 acoustic, luthier made fine classical guitar fingerpicked sounds, Stratocaster or Les Paul rocky sounds, archtop jazzy guitar, electrical bass guitar lines.
Rock, Pop, Blues, Spanish, Tango, Bolero, Ballads, some soul and jazzy music, classical academic music are my beloved styles.
Class-A Preamps and Dual A/D Converters (the best in the music industry for many engineers) of Audient ID44 soundcard plus Neumann U-87, TLM-67 and Km-184s microphones in a controlled acoustics room will bring to your song that 100% commercial Pro audio quality , far away from the harsh sounding cheap Chinese microphones.
For tighter budgets also DPA 4099 mic is available.
Please dont be afraid of asking me anything you need to know,

A brief compilation of all kind of guitars can be found hear:
Classical Guitar Playing
Rock Playing
Acoustic Guitar
Archtop Guitar Playing
Links to description of the gear that i use:

Best regards
Gustavo Eiriz

Many styles of playing and techniques.

Martin D-28 and Classical guitars using Neumann Km184 stereo miking. Stratocaster and Les Paul distorted solos examples.
  • Many styles of playing and techniques.

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