Classic rock/blues guitar solo for $50

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Classic rock/blues guitar solo for $50

Hello! If you need a tasty and emotional guitar solo in your track, I can compose and record it for you. Please, listen the examples below!

I play in a prog rock band called Billy Kolokola, check it.
I'm a professional guitarist, composer and educator with huge expirience of playing different kinds of music. I need some reviews, so you have a chance to get a good track for low price!
If you need some guitar tracks in your song, I can record them! Electric, acoustic, classical guitars - whatever you want!
I can read different kinds of notation or play by ear. I'll help you to create a good sounding track!

1) Epiphone Casino hollow-body electric guitar
2) Fender Telecaster solid body electric guitar
3) Admira A1-ECF electric classical guitar
4) Ibanez AE295 electric acoustic guitar

I have Boss GT-8 guitar processor and some great pedals to make the sound you want.
I work in Reaper and have a lot of good plugins.
If nessesary I can go to the recording studio to make the better sound.

Check my Instagram for more examples of my playing:

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Slow emotional solo

from the
  • Slow emotional solo
  • Fast hard solo

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