I will play guitar or bass on your song for $50

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Jason Knapp

I will play guitar or bass on your song for $50

As a guitar and bass player with 30 years of playing experience and 15 + years as an indie artist producer and engineer, I have a keen sense of what to play on recordings and more importantly, what not to play. My guitar and bass abilities run the gamut from pop, rock, funk, blues, jazz, to metal, country and alternative.

I am also an accomplished songwriter, recording engineer and producer. With the exception of drums, you will hear me playing every instrument on all of these tracks. I also did the arrangements, production, mixing: www.jasonknapp.bandcamp.com. Let me help showcase your talent!

Guitars: Martin solid spruce top acoustic, '71 Hagstrom Swede, '62 Fender P-bass re-issue (with flat wound strings and a foam mute for that warm, fat, classic tone or with the Neve Legacy plugin for treble boost, played with plectrum for modern sounding tones).

Gear: iMac Apple OS X Mavericks, Reaper v4.731 (DAW), Universal Audio Apollo Duo 2 preamp / interface (vintage plugins include but not limited to: 3 Teletronix Levelling Amps, Softube Amp Rooms, Neve Channel strips etc.); Art MP professional tube mic preamp, RNC 1773 analog compressor; IK Multimedia plugins, including several classic guitar / bass amp simulators (e.g. Marshall, Leslie cabinet), T-Racks De-esser; Apex 460 Multi-pattern tube condenser microphone, Apex 180 Multi-pattern pencil condenser microphone, Shure Beta 57a Supercardiod.

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