LETS CREATE Country / Rock / Pop / Indie Session Guitar for $175

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LETS CREATE Country / Rock / Pop / Indie Session Guitar for $175

I am a Kansas City based guitarist and producer. Having recording in Nashville, LA and Kansas City, I have the ability to draw from years of recording and touring experience to help bring your songs to life. I love working to find the signature sound or part for each section of your song to help elevate the emotion of the song.

I can recreate parts and sounds from a demo, create from a reference track, or start from nothing.

With your purchase you will get up to however many electric guitar tracks as the song needs to bring it to life. You will also have the ability to revise and refine the parts as well.

I can also work within a reasonable timeline if need be.

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Gear used:

Pro Tools 12
Universal Audio Twin

- Gibson Les Paul
- Gibson SG
- Grestch Hollowbody
- Seuf Old Friend Tele
- Seuf Old Friend Strat
- Fender Strat
- Supro Westbury

- Divided by 13 CCC 9/15
- Vox AC 15
- Axe Fx 3

- Strymon Bigsky
- Strymon Timeline
- Strymon Mobius
- Line 6 Helix
- Timmy
- Tim Pierce OD
- Mini Foot Fuzz
- Tdrive
- Cali 76 Stacked Compressor
- Angry Charley

  • Ambient
  • Country
  • Gospel
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

Rock Vibes

rock guitar, country guitar
  • Rock Vibes
  • Worship Vibes

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