Recording Guitar solo for $35

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Recording Guitar solo for $35

Hi, i can record electric guitar solo for you!
My name is Jordy, I play guitar for more than 10 years. I´m active musician and songwriter. I have experiences with studio and live playing.

I will record guitar solo for your song acording to your wishes and orders or I can come up with my own ideas if you want.

I will deliver you amped track and DI track, so you can reamp later.

All I need from you so I can start working is mp3 or wave track and tempo.

My gear:
Guitars: Jackson dinky, Charvel pro mod, Esp ltd eclipse, PRS SE 7 string
Amps: Hughes & Kettner Access, Line6 Helix, VHT 50/2/50, Marshall 1960BV, Laboga 2x12 (hesu deamon and fane mamzer speakers)
Recording hw and sw: Focusrite scarlet, Reaper DAW

Last Kiss

Ballad guitar solo
  • Last Kiss
  • Street Kids

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