Professional Electric or Acoustic Guitar Tracks for $125

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Richie Worrell

Professional Electric or Acoustic Guitar Tracks for $125

I am a professional musician with 15 years of experience recording and playing music. I have worked on a number of studio albums tracking electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and vocals. I also have mixing and audio production experience. I can do genres ranging from bluegrass and country, to funk and classic rock, to hard rock and metal.

I am willing to record as many as 2 tracks (i.e. one rhythm track, one lead) per song, with up to 2 revisions.

My specialty is guitar solos. Let me add a solo that will make your song come alive!

You will have your choice of guitar from a small collection of both single coil and humbucker guitars, as well as any particular amps, effects, etc. that you would like for me to use.

My electric guitar work:

My acoustic guitar work:

My Instagram and TikTok accounts, where I post clips of me playing almost daily :

"Indian Summer" Guitar Solo

A guitar solo I tracked for my solo album
  • "Indian Summer" Guitar Solo
  • "All My Tears" Guitar Solo
  • "Interstellar Railway" by Richie Worrell
  • "Lavadora" by Long Live the Pilot (my band)

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