Talented Young Guitarist Avaliable. Awesome Hair too for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Jamie S. Bekyarovich

Talented Young Guitarist Avaliable. Awesome Hair too for $75

Main Genres: Rock/Metal - - Blues - Jazz -

With over 10 years experience in recording and mixing in real life work scenarios, I'm more then capable of creating great sounding recordings. I first started recording audio when I was 12 years old on a Fostex Digital 8 Track. I used it to cut many demos for my band at the time. A few years later I upgraded to Pro Tools 8 LE with the Digidesign 003+ Rack and continued to practice my skills on my band and other local bands in the area. As I got better and better I soon found myself working with all kinds of local talent including Rappers, Thrash Metal bands, Indie Rock artists, Singer/Songwriters, and MetalCore bands. Not too long after that I assumed the role as head audio engineer at Synergy Music Academy in Brampton Ontario where my job encompassed leading studio sessions, mic'ing instruments, running Pro Tools sessions, and occasionally mixing and mastering projects. I then went on to study Music at Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario where I received a diploma in Jazz performance, while I was there I also took every production, engineering, and film scoring class they offered. Currently I continue to record and mix for local bands and online customers, I also occasionally compose music for film students in the area, and for online sound libraries to be used in film and television.

Pro Tools 12.4
Logic Pro X
UAD Apollo Twin Duo MkII
Focusrite 18i20 (adat out)
Persons Eureka Channel Strip
Shure SM57s, SM58s, Beta87a, Beta 52, AT4040's, Sennheiser MD421's
Waves Mercury, Waves SSL4000, Waves Abbey Road
UAD Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundle + Neve 1073, API Vision, SVT Bass bundle
EastWest Studios Play - Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Symphonic Choirs w/Word Builder, Voices of Passion, Silk, Pro Drummer, Ghost Writer, Public Enemy
Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer 2, EZ Keys Jazz

Gibson - Les Paul T Series, Les Paul Studio, SG Standard, ES165/175, Firebird Bass
Strats - Fender American Standard, Custom Build Scalloped, Carvin Jason Becker
Acoustics - Dean, Ovation
Classical - Godin
Keyboard - Korg Stage Vintage SV1
Amps - Marshall JCM2000, Marshall 1960A Vintage30s, DV Mark Multiamp

Available for whatever you need. Can Read Sheet Music, I have a diploma in Jazz performance and a deep understanding of music theory and harmony, and I have a great ear.

  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Metal

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