Full Song Production With a Radio-Ready Mix for $250

In Song Production By Richie Worrell

Full Song Production With a Radio-Ready Mix for $250


I am a producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist from the from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I have 15 years of experience playing and recording music, and I've worked on a number of studio albums spanning a wide range of genres.

I work out of a studio with access to lots of instruments - bass, guitars, drums, keys, pedal steel, etc. - and I can play them all. I am able to record quickly here from my studio and create and mix finished songs from scratch. I have attached a wide array of examples of music that I have recorded, mixed, and mastered, and where I am playing every instrument, so that you can hear what I can do.

I am able to do rock, country, indie, ambient, and even metal tracks. If you already have a song written and you simply need a professional to record a radio-ready version, I can work with what you have and bring your song to life. Or, if you need me to compose and arrange a song from scratch based off of a certain idea, vibe, or sound, I can provide that as well.

I work with you, and craft exactly the song and sound you’re going for. Let me blow your mind!

  • Ambient
  • Americana
  • Country
  • Metal
  • Prog rock
  • Rock

Modern Rock Song

An example of a Modern Rock song that I recorded, mixed, and mastered.
  • Modern Rock Song
  • Country/Americana Song
  • Prog Rock/Metal Song
  • Blues Rock Song
  • Lofi/Ambient Song
  • Country Song

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