Electric/Acoustic Guitar Recording for $53

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Reid Telando

Electric/Acoustic Guitar Recording for $53

Audio Engineer – Guitarist – Songwriter
B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Professional Engineering Licensure (2022)

I will professionally record electric and/or acoustic guitar parts for your song!

Getting guitar parts to sit just right in a mix is an art form, and I have the equipment and expertise to give your song that extra lift to stand out amongst any radio ready song.

Major Guitar Influences: U2, Mike Campbell (Tom Petty), John Mayer, Maroon 5, Switchfoot (Jon Foreman), Blink 182, Phil Keaggy.
15+ Years of Electric and Acoustic Guitar Training 10+ years Audio Production experience in recording/producing/mixing/mastering for various artists across multiple genres.
B.S. in Electrical Engineering
3 Years experience as professional guitarist for Maranatha Conference Center.

What I’ll need from you to get started:

1. A recording of your song in .wav or Logic Pro X file format
2. The bpm the song was recorded to
3. A chord sheet with Chords over Lyrics if Applicable

I will also provide processing to optimize EQ, Compression, and any post production effects to fit the parts best to your song.

Recording Equipment:
DAW: Logic Pro X
Interface and Pre-Amp: Presonus 2626
Mics: Audio Technica 2050, Sure SM57, Matched Pair Presonus PM-2

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