3-5 Guitar Tracks (Overdubs) to Your Songs (Electric and/or Acoustic) for $99

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3-5 Guitar Tracks (Overdubs) to Your Songs (Electric and/or Acoustic) for $99

I am a professional guitarist based in Lancashire England. I have 12 year experience of being a musician.

I have studied and attained a first degree popular music at Leeds College of Music and have toured the UK played many many venues and different styles of music with many different musicians.

I have also plenty of recording experience done by myself and in recording studios.

You are looking at my service to provide up to 5 guitar track overdubs to your song. This is to provide you with layered guitar textures. For example this could be, two chord guitar tracks (strumming/picking etc), a couple of electric guitar tracks and a guitar solo track. My guitar style is cleaner, more to the likes of Steve Howe, Danny Gatton, Santana, Don Felder. You can be as specific or as unspecific as you like with your requirements. I will also do up to 3 revisions if needed.

Pop, Rock, Folk, Pop are my specialties, but open to any genre.

My setup is as follows:

--- Protools
--- Guitar Stomp boxes
--- Software plugins (Waves)
--- Rode and Sure Microphones
--- Guitars ranging from a Les Paul to telecaster to hollow-body jazz guitars, Martin Acoustic and Nylon guitars.
--- can also play Lap Steel guitar and Mandolin on your tracks.

Thanks for reading.
Thank you.

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