Lead, Rhythm, Slide, and Acoustic Guitar Tracks/Overdub for $75

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Lead, Rhythm, Slide, and Acoustic Guitar Tracks/Overdub for $75

If you've got this far, thanks for considering me to play guitar for you. And if we get the chance to work together. Thanks for trusting me. My approach to this is what I find to be the most simple and effective. Play to the song. My goal is only to add depth and value to whatever your project needs. If you already know what you want, then I'll make sure to follow those guidelines, but if you're unsure then I'm happy to provide any of the experience and ideas that I've gained over the years. This is a team effort. So I want to provide you something you're thrilled about. With that being said I'm very open to feedback and critiques, I'm here to make this the best it can be while working with you!

What guitar tracks will be offered?:
Lead Guitar - Guitar Hooks, Layers, textures, and vibes. My goal is to help shape the song and give a full tonal experience.
Rhythm Guitar- Same as my approach above. I'll provide multiple layers and tones to give your song richness. Layering multiple guitars for different flavors.
Acoustic Guitar- I have a handful of great vintage and new guitar options as well as multiple microphones to sit well in any song.

What gear is offered?
Electric Guitars: Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, Gretsch Jet, Gretsch White Falcon, Elliott ToneMaster, Veritas Portlander, PRS S2, Gretsch Country Gentlemen, Danelectro Baritone
Acoustic Guitars: '47 Martin 00-18, '48 Gibson J-50, Martin J-40, Taylor 414
Amps: Matchless Chieftain, Vox AC30, BadCat ToneCat, Fender Concert
*If you would prefer more of an 70s/80s Rock/Metal tone then I have the capability to provide that a digital format.*

All of my recording is done through a Universal Audio Apollo and mixed on DynAudio BM6A's

Walker Hayes-You Broke Up With Me REMIX

  • Walker Hayes-You Broke Up With Me REMIX
  • Hollyn- I wasn't enough for you

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