Complete Guitars and Bass for $150

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Complete Guitars and Bass for $150

23 years of experience playing the guitar,
12 years as a recording studio owner.

Electric and acoustic guitar player
All styles, from metal to pop.

Gibson les Paul Standard
Gibson SG Reissue 61
Gibson ES335 Dot
Suhr S3
Martin 000-28EC (acoustic)
Admira FI-2000 (nylon string)
Nash S57
Nash T52

Fender Jazz Bass
MusicMan Stingray
Warwick Thumb BO

Preamp Mesa Boogie Triaxis
Power amp VHT 2:90
Cabinet Bogner 4×12” V30’s
Koch twintone II
Cabinet Marshall 4 x 12” 1960 vintage
Cabinet Mesa Boogie 4 x 12 FV4
Fender Tweed Deluxe headamp
Engl Savage 120 head amp
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectified headamp

EBS Gorm 210
Ampeg SVT Pro
Cabinets AMPEG 1x15 and 4x10

Demeter compulator
Eventide Time Factor
Vodoo Lab Tremolo Pedal
AnalogMan Chorus
Xotic AC booster
Wah Custom Audio Electronics MC-404
Fuzz Vie Pedal


2 x Neve 1073
2x API 512c
Compresor Buzz Audio Essence
Previo Golden Age Project PRE 573
Previo Lindell Audio EX-500

2 x HCL affinity a2 (tube)
2 x SCA N72 – Neve 1272 (clone)
2 x SCA C84 – Millenia HV-3 (clone)
2 x SCA T15 –
2 x SCA D11 – DI 2 Canales
1 x AVALON VT 737SP (Tube)
1 x FOCUSRITE Platinum Penta
2 x ART Tube MP (tube)
Tascam fw 1884 (8 pres)

2 x Conversor AD-DA Lynx Aurora 8 + PCIe AES16

Neumann TLM 103
Neumann TLM 49
Rode k2 (Tube)
2 x Senheisser md421
Senheisser e602
AKG D-112
Audix D6
3 x Shure sm 57
3 x Shure sm 58
2 x Oktava mk012
Shure beta 58
Shure beta 57
2 x T.Bone RB-500 (Mod. with Lundhal trafo)

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