Guitar and Bass Services for $125

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Guitar and Bass Services for $125

The Lockdown Media production team, aka Matthew Corbett and Mike Wilkie, have an impressive 2000 pieces of registered work featured on radio, TV, film and broadcast organisations throughout the world and are amongst the most prolific production teams on the planet. From music featured on Hollywood films such as the recent box office hit ‘The Duff’ through to ‘Transporter 2’ and ‘Adrift’, and various projects for Disney, they have also composed TV themes such as ITV UK’s most successful animated kids’ series ever ‘Horrid Henry’, to the award winning Keith Lemon Sketch Show, and global advertising campaigns for BMW and Pizza Hut. The duo are both instrumentalist/producers who have worked successfully, as guitarist Mike Wilkie puts it, ‘with some of the most demanding clients in the universe.’
What you get from LDM is a two tiered service, Mike will create your professional guitar tracks and Matthew will hone the sound to the highest production value possible. The intention being that they should embed seamlessly into your own work. ‘Living as we do in TV and Film demands exacting standards and the very highest recording for broadcast quality, and we can bring this to you with your own production. It is all very well just doing guitar tracks but they have to fit the intended song and having worked in so many different contemporary styles we do have empathy with musicians from a wide range of genres and are able to fully understand and interpret their exact requirement.’

As a young musician Mike studied jazz guitar in Paris. He began a successful industry career in both major and independent labels and publishing companies from the 80's onwards including Epic, Chappell International and Bronze before becoming involved in commercial pop production and composition later that decade, he eventually settled into music for film and TV in the mid nineties.

Matthew started out in the underground dance scene, running an indie label and touring extensively with his live drum and bass outfit.
 Earlier he also undertook various production projects for Zomba during the nineties. Both producers acknowledge how helpful it has been working on both sides of the industry, especially when getting the right result.

Stuff - Gibson ES 335, High End US Fender Strat, L'Arrivee Acoustic, Sandberg Hand Built Bass, Hofner 1963 Original Violin Bass, Selection of Marshall Amps, Logic Based Studio, massive selection of plug ins, selection of Neumann and Shure mics.

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