Blistering and Snappy BLUEGRASS Guitar Lead Solos & Fills for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Eric Beaty

Blistering and Snappy BLUEGRASS Guitar Lead Solos & Fills for $75

Eric Beaty here from the good old state of Tennessee. I'll help you create the best BLUEGRASS guitar tracks possible for your song. Over 25+ years playing experience, with an emphasis on Bluegrass for the past 10+ years.

My goal is to bring my musical perspective—honed over the years by such inspirational guitar legends as Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, David Grier, Kenny Smith, Tommy Emmanuel, and many more—to your work and give you the tracks you need to make your musical mark on the world.

For $75, I'll record blistering, snappy LEAD solos and melodic FILLS for plugging up the holes in your songs. (Note: I can do Rhythm guitars, it will be $50 more.)

Here's a current list of gear I use for acoustic work.


(Note: If you need ELECTRIC guitars, I'll also be offering an Electric-exclusive gig right here on AirGigs, complete with Electric guitar specs.)

Acoustic Guitars:
- Breedlove Revival DR-Deluxe. LR Baggs Dual Element saddle pickup & internal mic combo system (used upon request). This guitar is a HOSS! Classic Bluegrass boom with plenty of bite in the treble range. East Indian Rosewood back & sides. Adirondack top.
- Martin DCX1E. My first Martin guitar and man was I excited. A budget-friendly guitar that also has great tone when you need something a bit more subtle than the Breedlove.
- I exclusively use Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb Strings (Medium gauge) for all my Acoustic guitars. There's just none better. Believe me, I've nearly tried (and reviewed) them all.

- Line 6 Helix LT/Native. This is the motherload of amps, cabs, effects, and more. Just about any tone you need, I can reproduce with this amazing piece of gear.
- Avid Eleven Rack. Loaded with effects. Latest firmware installed, including the Expansion Pack.
- Zoom MS-50G. This compact stompbox takes care of any effects I can't get elsewhere with my rig. Again, mostly an electric guitar tool, but I'm willing to try it out for acoustic.

Other Gear:
- Tracktion Waveform Pro (DAW). A little-known BIG contender to other DAWs. If you use a different DAW, I can export high-quality WAV files.
- EVO 4 (Audio Interface). High-quality, low-latency audio recordings.
- Several Dynamic and CondensorMics for well-balanced tones to catch all the nuances of my guitars.

Additional Gig Info:
- Internal pickup recorded upon request.
- I reserve the right to use and perform my recordings elsewhere (YouTube, etc.); you still hold all the rights to your songs.

Snappy Bluegrass Solos Demo Reel

I recorded all guitars on this sample solos demo reel.
  • Snappy Bluegrass Solos Demo Reel

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