Eric Beaty began his entrepreneurial career as a well-known guitar instructor and performing artist among the Bluegrass guitar circuit. Over a period of 25+ years, he has performed on several albums and demos, created and authored several guitar instructional courses and companion books, and, most recently, has started working in audio engineering to produce his own music.

Eric's forte is guitar, with an emphasis on Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Rock, and Blues. He produces content on his YouTube channel, Eric Beaty Creations, and since 2006 has amassed over 700 videos, 14K+ subscribers, and over 3M+ views. The topics of these videos include guitar instruction, audio production, entrepreneurship, writing and publishing, and more.

Eric has joined AirGigs with the foremost goals of enjoying a more creative life as a musician (particularly where creating new music is concerned) and expanding his creativity by working with other talented professionals here on the platform.