Session Guitars For One Song for $150

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Ben Cohen

Session Guitars For One Song for $150

Every project is unique! I always give each project the time and attention it needs to come out exactly the way you want it. Please contact me for a detailed quote and turnaround time.

About me:
-Berklee Alumnus (degree in Professional Music)
-Specializing in metal (shred), rock, blues, pop, funk, and r&b
-Expert sight reader and improviser in a variety of styles
-Pro home recording studio with quick turnaround time

Parker Fly Deluxe Guitar, EBMM John Petrucci 7 String Guitar, Jackson Kelly, Jackson DK2QM, Fractal AX8 Amp Modeler + Multi FX, Digitech Whammy V Pedal, Dunlop 535Q Multi-Wah

Past work:
-Guest solos for clients on
-Session work for clients all around the world
-Sound-a-like recordings for client CheerSounds
-Many years of experience recording and touring with my bands PowerGlove and Lattermath

Lattermath - Arbiter

Song by my progressive metal band Lattermath
  • Lattermath - Arbiter

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