Reggae Guitar Chops and Picking for $80

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Klaus Knippertz

Reggae Guitar Chops and Picking for $80

You're seeking an old school guitar-sound for roots- and dub-reggae -
you're welcome!

I've been playing reggae guitar since 1982 for various bands in Germany, including support for "The Skatalites" in Cologne.

- semi-acoustic guitar (Epiphone)
- Fender Strat guitar
- Fender Telecaster guitar
- Fender 65 Twin Reverb Amp
- Roland JC 120 Amp
- Roland RE-201 Space Echo (Hardware)
- Dunlop Cry Baby CB-535Q (Wawa pedal)
- Microphones: Shure SM 57, Beyerdynamic M 130
- various studio preamps
- Software: Pro Tools
- Waves Audio Music Production Tools

Project pricing:
- Project based Rate 80 $
- Revisions / re-takes provided: 2
- Project turnaround time: 10 days ( usually it takes less time to deliver)

What I need is:

- your session file (mp3 or WAV)
- if possible, chords and tempo (bpm)
- I can play entirely by ear if necessary
- a short description of guitar sound you want

If you're not shure what you want, I'll lend my decades of experience to help you to create the best fitting guitar parts for your song.

Please don't be afraid of asking me anything you need to know. Custom offers possible!

So let's move your riddim forward!
Curious about your tracks and visions -


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Give a little Hope!

Enjoy Reggae Chops and Picking - Concious stylee!
  • Give a little Hope!

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