Guitar and Pedal Steel Overdubs for $150

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Guitar and Pedal Steel Overdubs for $150

I'm James Paul Mitchell - Nashville based touring/session guitarist, producer, pedal and lap steel guitarist, and general slider of things. If you're looking for ambient loops to add an extra layer on your track, blues-based slide guitar, a silky pedal steel backing up a singer/songwriter, a San Fransisco vibe, hints of North Indian music, Sonic Youth open-tuned attacks, tinges of African highlife, or David Lindley inspired melodic lap steel lines, you’ll find it here. Focusing on steel, I love bringing it to places it doesn't ordinarily live, and doing that without putting a cowboy hat on the track. I also love to lay down loops, background pads, and atmospheric textures - whether that's with beds of feedback, looping, tape recorders, or found sounds.

I've been touring and recording for the last decade, playing rock, reggae, jam-band, folk, indie, country, noise, bluegrass, Americana, etc. Since moving to Nashville, I've recorded and toured with indie, country, and Americana bands around the world, playing both guitar and pedal steel. I record from my home studio where I can easily give you as many options as you need for your track.

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