Reggae Guitar ("Chops" and Pickings) for $80

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Reggae Guitar ("Chops" and Pickings) for $80

You're seeking an old school guitar-sound for roots- and dub-reggae -
you're welcome!

I've been playing reggae guitar since 1982 for various bands in Germany, including support for "The Skatalites" in Cologne.

- semi-acoustic guitar (Epiphone)
- Fender Strat guitar
- Fender Telecaster guitar
- Fender 65 Twin Reverb Amp
- Roland JC 120 Amp
- Roland RE-201 Space Echo (Hardware)
- Dunlop Cry Baby CB-535Q (Wawa pedal)
- Microphones: Shure SM 57, Beyerdynamic M 130
- various studio preamps
- Software: Pro Tools
- Waves Audio Music Production Tools

Project pricing:
- Project based Rate 80 $ per song (chops or picking, max 6:00 min/song)
- Revisions / re-takes provided: 3
- Project turnaround time: 14 days

So let's move your riddim forward!
Curious about your tracks and visions -


Give a little Hope!

Enjoy Reggae Chops and Picking - Concious stylee!
  • Give a little Hope!

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