Professional guitar solo for any kind of music for $75

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Professional guitar solo for any kind of music for $75

Straight to the point... I love music, I love to play guitar and I own a music studio, which I built from scratch. I'm an ambitious musician who always want to do the best and try to make what you want. I very much like to experiment with a guitar and a guitar sound and I have decided to specialize myself to recording guitar solos.

A bit about me...
My name is Boshtyan, I'm 35 and I come from a small country in Europe - Slovenia. I live for music and I have always been a fan of playing instrument. I have work a lot to do the thing I love the most. I live with my girlfriend and our two little boys and they are very supportive.

I play guitar for a long time(I think from 1995) and In 1999 I join my first band and till 2007 I played in various groups (rock/metal/blues). I start recorded music in 2007 and in 2012 I graduated from the Audio Engineering School. In 2013 I found a place and I started to build a music studio.

My gear
LP Gibson Custom
Fender Telecaster Modern player pro
Ibanez Roadstar 1983(Steve Lukather)
Cort XCustom
Stratocaster Custom (Jeff Beck custom pickup)
Yamaha, Aria pro, Epiphone, 2x acoustic (takamine)...

Fender Blues junior 15W
Ibanez tube screamer
Distortion Thomas Blug
Roland - GR-D | V-Guitar Distortion
Zoom G3 multi effect
Vox Tonelab LE
4x12 TECH21 box
Vintage 30 box 1x12
Apogee Gio
Apogee Jam

Now I play and record music for me or someone who need a song or just a guitar solo.

If you need to hear more of my solo's just contact me and I can send you a sample of my playing.

My songs are on soundcloud/nvyher

My favorite guitar players:
Joe Perry
Steve Lukather
Steve Vai
Richie Sambora
Eddie Van Halen
Eric Clapton
George Harrison
Pete Townshend
David Gilmour
Brian May
Ritchie Blackmore
Zakk Wylde
Paul Gilbert

I understand 100% english, Italian and Slovenian.

Thank you

  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Ambient
  • Metal


My first song from up coming album
  • Chrysanths
  • Solo2
  • Solo3

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