Professionally Recorded Vintage Electric Guitars for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Aldo Spadaro

Professionally Recorded Vintage Electric Guitars for $75

No need to scroll any further for a perfect match. This recording service gives your song perfectly matching, tasteful and energetic electric guitar recordings that make it stand out within short notice.

My service is professional and focussed on giving your production what it needs to feel great from a listener's position. I work fast and friendly, am specialized in vintage 1960's and 1970's guitar-styles but am broadly educated and experienced in working with many music styles. I've got a bachelor degree in music, and over 17 years of performing and studio experience.

Your song is going to be in good hands. I will:

1. Listen to your demo and note what it needs
2. Make a plan to take your song to a higher level
3. Create the needed recordings, and invite you in for listening
4. Work out your feedback and implement any changes
5. Provide the final product, edited and mix-ready

You just need to provide:

1. A quality demo without the desired guitar arrangement, without click-track.
2. Separated project tracks, so I can provide You a quality reference mix
3. Wishes, a reference track or example, just express all your desires.

Place an order, and you can expect guaranteed satisfied results.

Looking forward to work together.

  • Hard Rock
  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Soul
  • Pop

Vintage Electrics

Eva Almagor - Pictures - Sample
  • Vintage Electrics
  • Vintage Electrics 2
  • Americana Solo
  • Soul Guitar Solo
  • Heavy Rock Solo's
  • Rock and Roll Vibes

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