Podcast audio editing and postproduction for $50

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Podcast audio editing and postproduction for $50

With over five years' experience as a professional audio editor, I will edit, mix, and master your podcast to take you from raw recordings to a polished, broadcast-ready episode. Whether you just need basic editing for fluency to tighten your delivery or have a really long interview with multiple tracks recorded in Grand Central Station at rush hour, let me take care of your sound so you can focus on great content!

· Editing for fluency (removing stutters, "ums", "uhs", long pauses, etc.)
· Noise reduction and removal (room noise, background noise, clicks/pops, air conditioners, birds, etc.)
· De-essing
· Add intro/outro/ads/music (you supply them, I'll put them in)
· Mixing and mastering to broadcast standard (EQ, compression, phase adjustment, balancing, automation, limiting, etc.)

· Logic Pro X
· iZotope RX 8 Advanced
· Waves Gold Bundle

· Focal Solo 6
· Genelec 8010a
· Sennheiser HD650

Sample Podcast Production

One of the shows I've edited.
  • Sample Podcast Production
  • Modern Marketing Podcast
  • Noise Removal Example

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