Rock, Metal Male Vocalist for $150

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Chad Wagner

Rock, Metal Male Vocalist for $150

Sure SM58 Used for recording

Logic Pro / Mackie

$150.00 for lead vocal and up to 4 backing vocal tracks, 25.00 per additional backing track.

Allow 1-2 week delivery, based on my volume of work and travel schedule

"Our back was to the wall, my metal band needed a vocalist to complete a recording project. I reached out to Chad, sent one song, he turned it over in less than a week, and we knew we found the voice for our project. Chad was easy to communicate with, price was well in our budget, vocal sound quality was professional, and having a deadline: Chad pulled it off flawlessly (9 songs in less than two months!) Chad was open-minded with suggestions we had and brought his own style/phrasing to the table, offering up an angle we hadn't thought of. I was completely satisfied with our collaboration and look forward to working with Chad in the future! If you need a singer for any project, I recommend Chad Wagner. Professional quality, attitude, talent, fast turnaround, and easy to work with."

Mark G David - Kyrie Ellison, Bass Player/Chief Songwriter

"I contacted Chad to audition for a couple of tracks on my latest project. The parts were demanding both in terms of the range of pitch and the variety of emotion from verse to verse. Chad was able to meet and exceed those demands. He was very professional, having the parts well-rehearsed for the night of our recording session. But beyond that, he demonstrated great enthusiasm for the project by coming with some suggestions of extra vocal parts that I had not thought of. The result was a very exciting evening of collaborative effort, stretching himself beyond what he thought his own capabilities were and culminating in my favorite vocal moment on the entire project."

Graeme Swallow - Mutli-talented musician / Songwriter

"Chad is an absolut professional vocalist. On my album World At War Chad empowers BORN2RULE with his skills. His vocal variety has a very wide range, from slow motion parts to aggressive metal shoutings - everything is covered!"

W.E.R.S.I.Songwriter, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards

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