In Vocals In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Mahaya


•Recorded & Edited over100 songs
•Ready-to-go Background Vocals or Full Refund
•Vocal range: C3-G5
•Styles: Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul & EDM! (Watch the video/Listen to my SoundCloud)
•Important to know - I use ;
Samson mic, Steinberg audio interface and Logic Pro X in a fully equipped soundproofed Studio
•I can reference Beyonce, Gaga, and Adele as similar artists. However, If you want to send a reference track, I can re-create the vocals and give your track the flavor you need.

••••••••SERVICE INCLUDES:••••••••

•3 part harmonies(I can harmonize if you don't want to write them yourself)
•Different Background Vocals for you to choose from
•The entire music session in Logic Pro X (upon request)
•If you also need the lead vocals, here's a link to my other service:

••••••••TERMS OF SERVICE:••••••••

•I started being active on Airgigs very recently but as you can see by my reviews, I always make sure you are in love with the end result.
•I spend a great deal of time on editing the tracks to ensure they are ready for you to use. You won't need to spend hours going through and making changes. However, I provide 3 revisions to ensure your track is exactly what you need!
•If you're not satisfied with my vocal stems, expect a full refund immediately.
•All of my jobs are completed early or on time. If you're in a rush I can expedite your service.
•I can also submit an mp3 so you can hear the arrangement altogether.
• This is a Royalty-free service.

NOTE: If you want me to edit your lyrics, I will do that at no extra cost but please finalize everything as much as possible before you submit!
Please send me some info/a demo of your track before you order. I just want to make sure my voice suits your music! ( I always respond very quickly! )

See you!! :)

  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Soul



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