Chorus, Harmony or Backing Vocals for your song for $100

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) By eSoreni

Chorus, Harmony or Backing Vocals for your song for $100

Contact eSoreni before purchase.
No vulgarity or sexual singing or lyrics, please.
eSoreni has a heart and voice that will mesmerize you. Her heart sings the words but her soul provides the melody.

Only need harmony or back vocals? Let eSoreni's voice accompany yours.
She provides harmony or back vocals for your complete song.
Vocals are sent to you in WAV or MP3 format in 16 bit Stereo (unless something else is requested.
She record multiple takes and send them all to you so you can choose the best vocals for your song.
You will get a demo for the first 30 seconds of the song to approve or reject so you are not surprised.
She can sing in English but has done vocals in French too (as this is her second language).
eSoreni will give you her best to make your musical masterpiece a success.

Please contact before ordering with project details.
Orders can be done as quickly as 3 days but up to 10 days, depending on the complexity of your request.

Demo 1

lyrics and vocals by eSoreni
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  • 3 song demo
  • 3 song demo

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