Soul-stirring Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist, eSoreni, is taking on musical masterpieces from around the world and providing the voice and words to each. She works hard to sing in the style that inspires each music producer without trying to sound like any other singer. She not only will sing but will write the lyrics for you. In 2001 she performed on a Swiss television show called Super Stars d'un Soir (Superstars for one night) and has won Karaoke contests throughout her life.

Her singing pitch is Contralto. Her vocal style is sexy, deep, emotional, and soulful. It's a voice that will get under your skin. Her second language is Conversational French and has been known to create random vocals in this language. She also understands basic Italian, Spanish, and German.

eSoreni will sing for almost any genre including EDM, TRANCE, HOUSE, DEEP HOUSE, SOUL, POP, ROMANTIC, INDIE, ROCK, JAZZ, EASY LISTENING, SWING, CINEMATIC, SYNTH-POP, JINGLES, CHILDREN'S SONGS, AND MORE... She can do both 16 bit or 24-bit mono/stereo recordings, with or without effects.

Demo of her ideas will come prior to order completion.