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Hi! My name is Lucas. I'm a professional musician and AirGigs

For your project, I'll provide EVERYTHING you need to make a great song, such as lead vocals, double leads, octaves, harmonies, and ad-libs, in under 3 days (up to 12 tracks).

I am professional and easy to work with, always willing to make changes and modifications until the song is absolutely perfect. My vocal range is baritone and I can perform lots of different genres, such as POP, ROCK, SOUL, FUNK, FOLK, EDM, etc. I have a particular raspy-breathy style but can also sing in a more theatrical fashion. Feel free to check out the "AUDIO" section where you'll find lots of examples that I recorded at my home studio.

I record myself professionally with a akg 414 and access to ssl aws 900 or a neve 75 . Because of that, you'll receive the very best quality recordings, and I'll deliver the audio files in 48.000 Hz, 24 bits, in RAW (clean and unprocessed) format. Besides, all the vocal editing will be taken care of (Timing, gain automation, breaths, fades, etc), so you can just throw the vocals into your DAW and enjoy!!!

Some facts about myself: I write, sing, and produce songs professionally for myself and anyone who needs them. Besides being a singer, I play guitar, bass, and piano, and I have a huge collection of world-class VSTs to recreate whatever instruments are necessary. Apart from having my personal music project as a soloing artist
Some of the songs you hear on my profile have been written, recorded, and produced by myself. If you require services beyond my vocal service please get in touch, or check out my profile in order to learn more! My services include: Production, Songwriting, Mixing, Mastering, Backing Vocals, and more!

Get in touch today and let's discuss exactly what you need. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my gig, and I look forward to working with you soon!


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