Professional Vocals for all genres for $100

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By JJ Jenkins

Professional Vocals for all genres for $100

I am a professional vocalist seeking work as a demo singer, jingle singer,
voice over artist. I have many years of singing
experience including live performances, and studio projects.
I am versatile, eager, and a very fast learner. I can provide a fast turn-around time.
I have a sound-proof studio including an AKG c314 mic, and a powerful new computer.
I can provide crisp, clean, dry, wav. files on short notice.
I love my work and spend alot of time in my studio practicing.
I put 100% into every project and strive for perfection with every breath into my mic.
I have included a Radio-spot demo and song demos that I think will show my versatility. I will record as many tracks as it takes (lead and backing vocals) to make a 6 min. song sound fantastic! I only require a melody guide and/or vocal guide, lyric sheet and instrumental track

Hire me for your next project, you won't be disappointed! 

             Sincerely, JJ

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