Rock / Metal Vocals for $250

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) By Marko Duplisak

Rock / Metal Vocals for $250

Singer / vocalist with 25 years of singing experience

Singing has been a great deal in my life. From the age of 7 I have been actively singing and polishing my vocal sound / trademark.

First I started of like every other rock / metal kid listening to Metallica and Slayer. And from that point on I knew I had to make a mark of some sort.

As a lead singer in the band : "LastDayHere" that I recorded 2 albums and the second band "Inmate" that we managed to create 6 albums I have been active in other projects also.

Toured all over Europe and Canada.

I am dedicated to polish the songs and give them a trademark of my own. Committed, creative and VERSATILE. As a singer of many voices, each song I record is a personal experience for me.

  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hard Rock

LastDayHere - Find Yourself

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  • LastDayHere - Find Yourself

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