country/pop female vocals for $200

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country/pop female vocals for $200

**Please message me first before booking!**

I'll sing your demos or provide BGV's for your projects!

I'm a Nashville based songwriter, singer, demo producer with over 10 years of experience working in music. I sing in studios around town as well as from my home studio.

I'll deliver clean vocal stems, lightly pitch edited for your convenience. Lead vocals and harmonies.

If you're not loving the first pass, I'll do a second (1 revision) for you too! You're welcome to keep both vocals and comp together your dream take.

When you book, please send:
• Reference track with clear scratch vocal
• Instrumental mp3
• Full and accurate lyric sheet*
• Notes on where you'd like harmonies (or if you prefer me to write them)
• Notes for delivery (Country sound? Artist to emulate? Stick to the guide vocal exactly or add more interpretation?)

*Please understand that if the lyric sheet is different from the scratch vocal, I will have to take liberties with melody and timing to interpret the new lyrics.

When you book my singing service, you agree that it is work for hire. You agree to NOT credit me as the artist of your song. I am not entitled to any royalties. I will not own any part of your composition, publishing, or master.

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