Pop demo production, female vocals and piano for $399

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Pop demo production, female vocals and piano for $399

**Please message me first with your song so I can see if we'll be a good fit!**

Send me the lyrics and worktape of your song (a rough recording of your performing the song all the way through, with vocals and guitar or piano. Doesn't have to be great quality, just clear! Phone recordings are just fine 🤘) and I will turn it into a contemporary, current sounding pop demo with vocals.

I'm a Nashville based songwriter and demo producer. I have been writing songs for artists for ten years, have won awards (including the Great American Song Contest) and seen my songs climb the Music Row and itunes charts.

As a producer, I create demos for songwriters and artists of the songs we write. I also create demos for songwriters who wish to have current, trendy sounding piano-based pop demos for their songs.

If you want female vocals on your song, I got you! I do session work as a singer around Nashville and out of my home studio, and I can provide lead vocals for your track, and light harmony.

DEMO PRODUCTION: May include any combination of synths, pianos, and drums. Lead vocals. Light harmonies.


YOU'LL RECEIVE: A high quality file of the full demo, as well as the instrumental.

Any demo I produce for you will be work for hire. You agree to not credit me as the artist of your song. I am not entitled to any royalties. I will not own any part of your composition. You will own the master and all composition and publishing. Use this demo to pitch your songs as you please!

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