Unleash the Fire: Pop, Rock & Musical Theatre Singer With Vocals That Ignite & Harmonies If Required for $80

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Unleash the Fire: Pop, Rock & Musical Theatre Singer With Vocals That Ignite & Harmonies If Required for $80

I'm Mehmet, a seasoned vocalist with over 20 years of experience electrifying stages around the world. I'm passionate about taking your song from good to unforgettable.

How I Can Help:

This Standard Package is your secret weapon for professional-grade vocals for one full song.

Here's what you get for only $80:
1. Powerhouse Vocals: My dynamic voice will capture every emotion and nuance, adding the missing spark to send chills down spines.
2. Crystal Clear Delivery: Expect flawless recording, meticulous editing, and a dry vocal track for ultimate control in your mix.
3. Diamond-Polished Vocals: We'll meticulously polish your vocals until they shine and elevate your entire track.
4. Revisions On Repeat: I don't settle for "good enough," and neither should you. Get unlimited revisions until your vision comes to life.
5. Fast Communication: Have questions or need a quick turnaround? I'm here to answer them at the drop of a hat, ensuring a smooth workflow.
6. Seamless Collaboration: Open communication is key. Let's brainstorm and refine your masterpiece together.
7. Want it Faster? No problem! Just let me know and we'll make it happen.

1. Double Track
If you would like it double tracked then that will be an extra

2. Harmony Line
For parts or all of the song
$20 - Per Voice

3. Add Lib
Ad-Lib on your track which can add colour and flavour to a song, or to just fill some empty space

Note: if you have multiple songs then please get in touch and we can discuss your project and really bring it to life.

Don't settle for "good enough!" Contact me before you order and let's give your song the star treatment it deserves.

This isn't just a service, it's a vocal revolution!

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Musical theatre
  • Jazz
  • Swing
  • Blues

You Will Be Found Musical Theatre

Dear Evan Hansen Broadway
  • You Will Be Found Musical Theatre
  • My Way Jazz
  • Wellerman Harmony
  • Titanium Pop

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