Download a library of 30 professional vocal samples for $20

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Download a library of 30 professional vocal samples for $20

Introducing Pro Vocal Samples- Volume 1 with effects! This collection features a diverse range of original and copyright free vocal samples that are perfect for adding unique and captivating vocals to your music production. Each sample is professionally produced and carefully curated to provide high-quality and inspiring vocal elements for your tracks. Whether you're working on Pop, Rap, RnB, Alternative, Electronic, or Indie music, these samples will take your music to the next level. Please enjoy!

These are all pre- recorded samples. Each volume has a 10 different samples with 2 different takes on most of the tracks. So you're actually getting roughly 20 samples per volume! Take a listen to the samples to see if these are right for you. Each volume caters to a specific genre.


These vocal samples are not exclusive to you and CANNOT BE COPYRIGHTED, Please see the license attached.

  • EDM
  • House
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Soul


RnB, Soul Vocal Samples
  • Volume#2
  • Volume #3
  • Volume #1

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