Classic Rock to Heavy Metal Male Vocals in American Accent Made with Home Equipment for $50

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Classic Rock to Heavy Metal Male Vocals in American Accent Made with Home Equipment for $50

I offer Classic Rock to Heavy Metal male vocals in an American accent. I use an Audio Technica 2035 microphone through a Tascam interface into a variety of Digital Audio Workstations on my home computer using professional plugins.

If you have music in the vein of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Bad Company, Journey, Triumph, Foreigner, Motley Crue... etc.. you get the idea... I'm your guy. I can do softer music such as Elton John also. I have also done some interesting recordings of newer types of music that fit my style. I have been performing for 30 years and am in a local band to keep my chops up.

I do not have super high end equipment or access to a studio. What you hear in my clips is approximately the sound quality you will get which isn't bad for the price I am charging. There are various reasons for recording a demo and various budgets and quality levels. Your recording may not require a studio produced $650 vocal. And that is what I'm here for.

I do not write lyrics as this is your song and your dream but I will do the best to do what you want me to do.

I will supply a high quality .wav file with at least the raw vocals. If I apply effects that I think fit, I will supply you with that take also. .wav files are usually larger than the 25Mb limit so i would supply you a mediafire link.

I give myself seven days to deliver your files because I want to have time to listen to your song over a couple days, get to know your lyrics, and try out different things when recording in order to give you the best product I can. I don't want to just throw things together. If your demo is important to you, why rush it? This is the music your going to use to sell yourself.

I am an American from the Midwest who speaks English as my primary language so you will get that classic American sound. I sing with the authority, power, and passion to complement a confident track.

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