THE Rock Singer You Need for Your Song for $400

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THE Rock Singer You Need for Your Song for $400

I am like very few other rock singers out there and I'll tell you why: I sing for the SONG no matter what and have a wide variety of styles and colors besides Rock to pull from, thus keeping the vocal fresh and interesting at all times. Very integrated and soulful approach for the song when needed. I'm excited to take your song to the next level!

I am a PROFESSIONAL ROCK VOCALIST and I work primarily as a session (studio) singer, having performed on over 250 songs on over 20 albums. I have achieved international acclaim as a singer together with my rock band OUTLOUD, and in the country of Greece (where the other members are based), touring the country multiple times (as well as other locations in Europe), appearing on national TV there and also on the cover of Metal Hammer magazine multiple times, the country's largest rock publication. I'm also the lead vocalist for the Punky Meadows Band (the guitar player from the popular 70's rock band ANGEL), of which our debut album "Fallen Angel" came in on Billboard at #6 on the New Artist chart and #136 on the top 200 in 2016.

Additionally, I have been named Best Unsigned Artist in Starcentral Magazine (an Australian publication) and featured on the home page of popular music-based social media site ReverbNation. My album "Road Not Taken" with NJ-based group Iron Bridge Band received a Grammy consideration for Best Rock Album for 2013.

I also work as a performer at high-society private events in the NYC area and beyond, having performed for Donald Trump and many others, such as Rod Stewart, Woody Allen, Dan Ackroyd, Lorne Michaels, Chevy Chase, et. al., performing on over 500 gigs.

For more info, search web for: Chandler Mogel

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