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Topline for $100

. I've worked as a professional singer for 10+ years. I have a home studio set-up for easy accessibility and quick turnaround time. My microphone is an Scarlett 2i2.

In this service I will provide you with one full length lead vocal for your song.
You will get the vocal file in standard 44.1 Wav format (or any other you prefer), Dry - without effects, or with effects if you like. Looking forward to it!

  • Pop
  • EDM
  • Electronic
  • Soul
  • Choral
  • Jazz

Shannon Meske Vocal Reel

Vocal Demo
  • Shannon Meske Vocal Reel
  • "A New Day"
  • "Find my way home"
  • "Don't Cry for Me"
  • "Working on Me"

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